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She was 15. It was the first time I met her. In the middle of nowhere on a farm in Regina, Saskatchawan. The other actors kept referring to her as “Jodie Foster’s daughter in ‘Panic Room”. She was so young, but everyone knew she was gonna be big. They spoke of her like she was already an Oscar winner. A few people even seemed intimidated by her! There was a scene where she had to drive a truck but didn’t have her license yet! The publicist left me, my camera dude and her alone in that barn for 45-60 minutes. We talked about tons of stuff. Even at that age, she was very impressive. Even if the movie wasn’t. Ha ha. —Larry Carroll remembers meeting Kristen Stewart for the first time on the set of “The Messengers” (x)

MamaStew wishes her baby girl a happy birthday.

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