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Right after Georgia got her hair cut

The one thing that the movie has is an unabashedly outward sense of hope. It’s a very positive movie, which is commendable considering it’s about a girl who’s going to die before she reaches the age of normal consensual sex. Anyway, so that’s commendable. That’s a feat in itself. Hopefully they can take from it real characters that actually affected them. If they can put faith in characters for a good hour and a half, that says something. —Kristen Stewart about what she hopes audiences will take away from The Cake Eaters

Beagle: So I guess I’ll see you at lunch.
Georgia: Yeah.
Beagle: Anything special you want?
Georgia: Yeah. You.

She’s amazing, she’s amazing! I can’t imagine anyone else who would have been able to pull off that part. —Aaron Stanford on Kristen Stewart playing Georgia in ‘The Cake Eaters’

Old video: Jesse L. Martin talks about Kristen Stewart in ‘The Cake Eaters’

Old interview: MovieWeb met up with first time director Mary Stuart Masterson for a chat about her upcoming film ‘The Cake Eaters’, as well as leading lady Kristen Stewart

Interview for The Cake Eaters.
This is so old, but I liked the concept so I wanted to post this here.


The Cake Eaters.

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