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El Hormiguero (November 15th)

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Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Press Conference in Madrid

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Which one is your favourite Twilight movie so far?

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Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson will be on El Hormiguero on November 15th

I cannot.

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Emmy winner Jake Hamilton sits down with the stars of BREAKING DAWN Part 2

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Thoughts on last night’s TCAs?
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Are you going to watch the TCAs?
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Teen Choice Awards times and live streams ►

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The stars of Twilight at Comic-Con (by SunriseOn7)

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"Kristen is impressive in it. I think the fans will love her chucking me across the yard and stuff. It’s a hilarious scene."

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That’s kind of the huge thing that fans are waiting for – to see the clumsy teenage Bella that Kristen did so well suddenly become this super-sexy vampire who’s athletic and graceful. She took it very seriously and pulls it off.
Taylor Lautner ▴
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Flashback: Hand & Footprint Ceremony