The author of Speak talks about Kristen Stewart β†’

"This PSA aired after the first showing of Kristen in the Speak movie. The hotline had never gotten such a tremendous response. Blew. Up. The. Phones.”

"She was so, so young when she made the movie, but her talent was undeniable. It’s been fun to watch her develop as an actress. (Though when the press hounds her, I get really defensive and want to start yelling at people!)"

On the set of Speak
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Behind the scenes of Speak

Speak - It Happened [TNOVC] (by xMorgandx)

Melinda Sordino one of the best female characters (1990-2010)

IMDb user (emekcan) lists Kristen Stewart’s role in Speak one of the best female characters from 1990 to 2010.

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'Speak' starring Kristen Stewart - novel labeled 'soft porn' in Missouri

The novel on which Kristen Stewart’s movie, Speak, is based has been labeled “soft porn” by a citizen of Republic, Missouri. Writing in the Springsfield News Leader, Wes Scroggins, an associate professor of Management at Missouri State University in Springfield, advocates that the book be withdrawn from the local high school’s curriculum.

"In high school English classes, children are required to read and view material that should be classified as soft pornography. One such book is called Speak. They also watch the movie," writes Prof. Scroggins.

Prof. Scroggins also objects to Kurt Vonnegut’s novel, Slaughterhouse Five and another novel called Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler and would like to see these withdrawn as well.

An editor’s note to Prof. Scroggins’s op-ed piece, “Filthy Books Demeaning to Springfield Education,” states that Slaughterhouse Five has already been removed from the curriculum and Twenty Boy Summer is under review, per the school district’s standard procedure in handling books challenged by parents.

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Speak Loudly! Save 'Speak' book from getting banned. β†’