irdkbro SENT: I love Kristen 'cause tbh she's the real-est person in Hollywood. Through all her fame she's still the Kristen Stewart her family and friends know. She's not afraid of being herself. She keeps her private life private and she doesn't let anyone bring her down. She may have been through bullshit but hell, she never backs down. She's got feelings too. She's downright happy and that's all that matters to me. And she's the person I look up to. She's the one who inspired me to be myself. :)
ilovebearsmommy SENT: I love Kristen because she's everything I'm not
lukehemmingstah SENT: I love Kristen because she is the most honest person I know, she doesn't care what others think about her because all she is doing is being herself and being an amazing actress, she is funny and sweet and nice, she has the best and most beautiful smile and laugh ever, there are many thing why I love her, but most of all because she is herself and she wants to teach us to just be ourselfs. she is the best idol and role model ever. SHE IS PERFECT <333
iambells SENT: I love Kristen because the only person we must be truthful to is to ourselves and that's how she acts and I'm proud of that. And because she kicks ass and because her style is basically my guide and because she's the best actress around my age I can think of along with Emma Watson. It's not everything but these are major reasons :)
Anonymous SENT: I LOVE Kristen Stewart because she is KRISTEN STEWART. Blessed 23rd <3
christinasempre SENT: why I love Kristen: she kicks ass & doesn't take people's shit
ikillfunforfun SENT: Because she's a hardcore badass without her trying. She might be an actress but she knows her own world behind the camera. She doesn't try to steal attention, she acts the way she wants and she does things and learn things on her own pace. And I think that's important for a person. To take things on their own pace. Without other people's pressure and that's what I love about her. She's herself no matter what.
youreonmynirvs SENT: i love kstew so much because she does not talk shit and she's just real to herself. she doesn't let the hollywood bullshit ruin her life. i think that's the most admirable thing about her. she don't act dumb and stupid. she's awkward and funny and just plain flawless. i love her genuine attitude. <3
belovedbeauty SENT: The reason I love Kristen is because she's just so purely human. A lot of celebrities keep this perfect facade, but Kristen makes sure she's real. She's funny and honest, and she doesn't deny that she messes up. And I just find that so amazing. She's just an amazing person, and I feel so honored to have met her twice. I look up to her, truly. She's what a real role model should be.
seethenightskyy SENT: I love kristen because she is absolutely true to herself and that's what makes her so alluring. people can deny it all they want, but they are transfixed by her and it's because she never dignifies the negative things. Women our age have so much to learn from her! xo
i-heart-kstewart-deactivated201 SENT: Hi. This is my reason why I love Kristen. She's one of the very few actresses who can completely commit to a role without overdramatizing it. She becomes her character without all that extra fluff. I mean her performance as the gum-smacking rocker Joan Jett is perfection. Her "awkward" interview personality is adorable, and I love it. She's a fashion icon. I love and just adore her so much!
ultrarviolence SENT: I love Kristen Stewart because she really inspired me. She has been with me 5 years with twilight and she will continue to do it with other movies. She showed me that I should always be myself and that "its ok to be not ok". She is a special, amazing Women. (:
kristenis-myhero SENT: I love Kristen because of what's he taught me. I always used to try to fit in and hide who I was but I never could not be myself. Kristen taught me that I don't have to hide myself and people will love me. Now I have the best friends I've ever had. All thanks to Kristen. I love her!