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Filming in New Orleans: Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg to shoot 'American Ultra' in NOLA

Lionsgate has bought the U.S. distribution rights for 'American Ultra'

Lionsgate has paid $7 million for the U.S. distribution rights to “American Ultra,” a comedy starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart that will enter production in April.

On the set of Camp X-Ray via Tara Holt

MTV Afterhours at Sundance: “Would You Rather?”

New interview in ELLE France

You’ve got to get comfortable with fear: nothing’s worth doing unless you’re a little bit scared. People call women the weaker sex — it’s crazy. You have to stand up to that and be ready for things to be hard and for things to be serious. —Kristen Stewart
It’s a total cliche — a man in a powerful position is considered assertive, whereas a woman is a ‘bitch’. So unfortunately we do need to consider how things are coming across — because people will stop listening to women much more quickly than they will a man. —Kristen Stewart
My mantra is ‘everyone, calm the fuck down!’ When things get crazy — and I have been through it — I open repeat those words. —Kristen Stewart

Everyday make-up look inspired by Kristen Stewart by Lisa Eldridge

Open Letter to Kristen Stewart

Behind the Scenes of the Marie Claire shoot

The idea of making a movie scares me because I want it to be amazing. If people watch it, I don’t want, ‘Oh, how nice, her first little directorial debut.’ I want it to be, ‘Boom!’ —Kristen Stewart on her directing aspirations
I stand by every mistake I’ve ever made, so judge away. —Kristen Stewart
Interviewer: What's your favorite hotel in the world?
Kristen Stewart: The Bowery Hotel in New York -- the cool people there make me want to be more interesting.
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