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Kristen Stewart at The Boil tonight (March 14th).

lindseybyrnes"Kristen Stewart showing us how it’s done!"

If you follow your heart, you’re never going to regret anything, even if you completely mess up constantly. —Kristen Stewart
We shot this in an abandoned prison near L.A. I went outside one night and got so spooked, I ran back to my trailer freaking out. —Kristen Stewart about Camp X-Ray

The beauty products that Kristen Stewart uses.

I really love cooking — I love the smell of fresh herbs. Do not like to bake, there’s like a chemistry element that I’m not into. I like cooking American comfort food — but then I can also do lighter, healthier food. Gardenia is probably my favourite smell. —Kristen Stewart
Chloe Sevigny is intimidatingly cool. She does the whole no make-up thing so well, but when she does go for a ‘look’ it just works. —Kristen Stewart on her beauty icon
I go for a typically natural look, not just because its easy. I’m from Southern California — I was born and raised in LA, and here we’re very casual. If I go to London or New York — it’s so fancy; I’m the one looking completely out of place. —Kristen Stewart
My mom is a completely southern California girl — she is why I am ‘Miss jeans and a T-shirt’. You look at those people, who are so put together, and then you look at their moms, and they tend to be put together. My mom is like don’t worry about it; make-up is so artificial why would you not want to look like yourself? —Kristen Stewart
I’m pretty much open to anything — if I really loved the part I’d do anything. You know, hair grows relatively speaking — it doesn’t take that long in exchange for a good experience so I think it’s worth it. I’ve been blonde, dark, I’ve had reddish hair, short long. I run the gambit. —Kristen Stewart on changing her look for roles

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"Old photos are so warming to the heart - my little miss and her dad on set back in the day. So cute." - Jules Stewart (Kristen’s mom)

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