Katy Perry is excited about ‘On the Road’ movie.

Katy Perry is excited about ‘On the Road’ movie.

Kristen Stewart parties with Beyonce and Katy Perry at Coachella

If there was one hot place to be at the weekend, it was the Coachella festival in Los Angeles. Kristen Stewart looked ever the rock-chick, Katy Perry revealed all and Beyonce swore she was an X rated diva.

Forget Glastonbury and T in the Park. The Coachella festival in Los Angeles proved to be the ‘must-be-seen-at’ festival of 2010, as A-listers flocked to rock out in the sun.

Twilight babe Kristen Stewart ditched the high heels and revealing frocks we have seen her in of late and partied in shades, a baseball cap and a rolled up t-shirt, letting her hair down after a hectic promotional tour for new movie The Runaways.

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