Anonymous SENT: that's actually a great idea, I got some resentment to express and that's a perfect way to do it

Great! Let me know how that works out for you.

Anonymous SENT: yeah, I should really try going back, there's just some stuff that I can get out of me writing that nobody likes listening to

You could also try writing letters to people without like actually handing them out. That works real well.

Anonymous SENT: I used to, but that was back when my 'real' life didn't eat all my vitality, I used to write like 'wonders about life' related things, was really fun, i miss it, lol

You should start writing again. My ‘real’ life has been hell as well but ever since I started writing again, things just got… less heavy. No matter how you write, all that matters is that you do. 

Anonymous SENT: what do you write about? like, your life or fiction?

I used to write both but now I just write about my life, just to get my thoughts out. Do you write?

Anonymous SENT: I meant stress relief, lol, what do you do to keep the stress down?

Oh, um.. I usually listen to music or write. I love to write. For example, every morning before I go to my lectures I listen to music, mainly because of my anxiety, and there have been times where I have actually run late because I couldn’t stop my playlist. LMAO. Also water works too, especially when I am having a time in my life where I am really prone to having panic attacks. Like the past 9 months.

Anonymous SENT: composing has always been a stress relief, do you have any of those?

I don’t compose. I cannot even read music. LOL.

Anonymous SENT: I suck at playing instruments, it's really only to help singing and composing, i could never stop with music, it's like my soul

I am sure it will help you with your recovery as well or whatever it is that you are working towards. :’)

Anonymous SENT: yeah, that's my battle plan! I play guitar (eletric and acoustic), piano and sing ;) do you play any?

That’s wonderful! What do you like best?

I used to play the drums, piano and sing but I have not done that for like 5-6 years.. talentless.

Anonymous SENT: tbh, I always wanted to be a musician, but that's a path really hard to go on, so I just choose something I could live my whole doing, something that wouldn't kill me with the everyday life, ya know?

Yeah. You could always do gigs and stuff on the side if you wanted to so. Do you play any instruments?

Anonymous SENT: hahh that's so fun, so many possibilities!

What would your dream job be?

Sigh, the future is just stressin me out.

Anonymous SENT: Yes, I love it, specially contemporary stuff like libeskind and renzo piano. journalism is so awesome, I thought about doing it once too!

Oh yeah! I looked them up just now. Very cool!!

Yeah, I have not decided yet. I’m just gonna apply everywhere and see where I end up lol.

Anonymous SENT: I study architecture, what are you trying for?

That is so awesome! You like it, then? What’s your favourite style of buildings?

I am currently majoring in English. But I don’t know what I’m going to do for MA. Might go into some other field. Like journalism or something. Idk.

Anonymous SENT: here's the thing: I'm at a great college, best of my state, but I tried four times until I could get in. and when I shared my stress over it everyone was like " you can do it, you know you can", but I didn't 'know' I could, all I wanted to hear was that it was okay NOT to get it, it was so important to me to know that it was not the ONLY thing I could do. ( I'm just really shy when I'm off anon, sorry ;/)

It’s okay, I was just wondering.

Yeah I understand and I get what you’re saying. What are you studying rn?

Anonymous SENT: nah bb, don't worry about tests, one thing I learned a lot after I got in college is that the tests are never important enough, and if you fail them, you always get another chance, even if takes a long time

i don’t know what college you are attending but where i am at you get 4 chances and that is it. you can take a subject twice and rn i am absolutely terrified of one particular exam that makes me regret my existence on this earth. okay maybe it’s not that bad but goddamn i hate school.

anyway, what’s going on? why are you on anon?

Anonymous SENT: been dealing better with my life, just started to see a psychologist, cried a lot, and it was great, how about you?

i am very proud of you. good luck with everything. :)

busy with school :) exams coming up. scared as hell!