Anonymous SENT: I miss you. Lots of love

Aww, how cute! :)

Anonymous SENT: Hey Katie! I just joined deviantart and I was wondering if you could maybe check out my poetry? I'm too self-conscious to ask for my friends' or family's opinion, and you've always seemed a nice person to me. (tesvarb(.)deviantart(.)com) I hope you're doing well, and sorry about the spam.

I will definitely check out your poetry! :)

Anonymous SENT: Let's get to know eachother. What's your name, age, gender, country. thing you love and hate the most? love Anon x

Oh yeah. I forgot I deleted the link for my FAQ.

I am known as Katie. 20 years old. Female. All over Northern Europe lately. I love chocolate and hate the government. x

Anonymous SENT: Surprise, beautiful person! Once you get this, you must put it into at least 8 people's asks (anonymously) who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen but it's nice to know someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out!

Thank you very much!

Anonymous SENT: can you believe that there's actually an article saying that JLaw is nervous about K working with Nicholas H because of what happened with Rupert Sanders. How ridiculous. So what about Sam Claflin's girlfriend and Eddie Redmayne's, or Dakota Fanning, or Emma Stone?? Even non-English guys like Jesse Eisenberg? It's a big deal just because it's Jennifer


Anonymous SENT: question: What do you have against Jennifer? - I'm a huge fan of Kristen and Jennifer and really, none of us hate Kristen when she flips someone off. we all agree it's funny and Kristen hates them, but why hate Jennifer? there's no point too... if you do hate her

I have nothing against Jennifer Lawrence as a person. I have only seen 2 of her movies, one of which is my all-time favourite. She is a great actress, no doubt. But I do think that there is, kind of, this double standard going on when it comes to her and Kristen. It is simply that aspect that I do not like. Regardless of whether these double standards are being applied by the fans themselves or the general public.

Anonymous SENT: I think she's gay because her mannerism and style and such are something a lot of gay girls seem to unintentionally mirror; not because I "wish she played for my team" Without projecting myself onto them, out of every celebrity girls like Ellen Page and Kristen Stewart are ones I see myself in

May be so.

Anonymous SENT: can you post your icon pic please?? :)

Anonymous SENT: the problem is solved. i had you on my tracked blogs list and there was an error under your url so i just had to remove you


Anonymous SENT: what does the bank have to do with kristen? silly answer..

Life is silly, anon.

Anonymous SENT: kristen is a piece of shit.. cheated on her bf and then her life sucked..loser/..

Everything okay in Greece?

Anonymous SENT: does kristen have an instagram?

I have heard that she does, yes. But the account is said to be private and I personally do not know the username.

Anonymous SENT: What the last video of Bella and Edward says?

Bella: You slapped a fish. You punched it. Why would you hit it?

Edward: I wanted to make some seafood.

Anonymous SENT: Do you know when and where we'll be able to watch Camp X-Ray?

I recommend checking this blog and following this Twitter for Camp X-Ray updates. 

Anonymous SENT: ily and that gif, it doesn'tfail to make me lol :)

Bless your heart. :)