"I hadn’t carved out my spot, and people hadn’t gotten used to me yet. It was really fucking hard. I didn’t interview well. I was really nervous. People fucking didn’t respond that well."

Kristen Stewart on sudden fame in ELLE Magazine (September 2014)

Untagged HQ Picture of the Clouds of Silas Maria Poster Image (x)

Untagged HQ Picture of the Clouds of Silas Maria Poster Image (x)

Kristen Stewart; the basics (insp)

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We are all so proud of Kristen Stewart and her dedication in training for her new role in CAMP XRAY. She is one of the hardest working actors we have ever trained, PERIOD. Her level of respect, admiration, and honor bestowed upon our nation’s military is truly mind blowing, and the transformation we saw in her within only a few days was nothing short of awe inspiring. Her fans will be in for a rare treat when CAMP XRAY hits theaters!!! From all of us here at TMG, we salute you Kristen and will always be here for you!!
— Kristen Stewart
I stand by every mistake I’ve ever made, so judge away.
— Kristen Stewart
If you follow your heart, you’re never going to regret anything, even if you completely mess up constantly.
— Kristen Stewart about Camp X-Ray
We shot this in an abandoned prison near L.A. I went outside one night and got so spooked, I ran back to my trailer freaking out.

"I kind of have a little crush on her."Jenny Lewis

Kristen Stewart or Anne Hathaway: Who does Jenny Lewis think makes the hottest dude?

I miss him

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