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“I was always worried, because she goes from zero to 100. So it’s not like, she warms up and stretches and things like that. She just throws herself into it.” - Joe Roth, Producer

“Kristen escaping in the beginning out of the castle, that’s her jumping, at probably 16 feet, something like that, into the water, and she did it herself. It was late October in England, you know, so it’s fresh.” - Ben Cooke, Stunt Coordinator

Fans of Kristen Stewart help cure Alzheimer's

We have now raised over $14,000!

Anonymous: No problem. :) Yes! We just need to wait a couple of months and we'll be free. Do you have anything planned for your vacations? I usually just stay home, I get more rest and can do whatever I feel like doing. I'm not really the likes-to-hang-out-with-family type of person.

Yes, I’ll  be travelling. :)

Totally! Ugh, cannot wait, haha. :)

Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway meeting backstage at the Oscars.

Anonymous: I'm sorry, but maybe it's the best for now, you know? You may not feel good about it, but some times we're forced to put some things before others, and it's sad, specially when school is the reason why. I think you should know that you're doing the best you can now, and that's equally amazing. It may not be a choice that makes you happy, but it's the right choice for the moment. :)

You might be right. Thank you so much for being so supportive!

I just cannot wait to get this semester over and done with so I can enjoy some time off. A few more months to go. :)

Fans of Kristen Stewart help cure Alzheimer's


We have reached over $10,000!

Anonymous: I asked you once for advice when I was going through a really low point in my life&I just wanted to take the chance to thank you again. I'm getting better now&I also noticed you seemed happier too. Hoping you continue to smile through it all :)

You are very welcome! I am glad that you are doing better now, and thank you for your support. I am here if you ever need anything else. :)

Anonymous: Thank you so much! :* You see, the problem with me is that I love doing too many things, I barely have time for breathing. Do you have any hobbies?

At least you are active and doing stuff with your life, unlike some people. 

I used to have hobbies until I decided to go to university. Hah.

Anonymous: I'm glad you're fine. :) I'm doing well, too, I'm just exhausted now. It's exams period at my school and I've been extremely busy these past weeks, so I've been staying up late and napping in the afternoon, my brain is kind of messed up now. Okay, sorry about the rambling there.

Oh, good luck with all your exams! But I’m sure you’ll do great in all subjects. Make sure you take breaks as well, it’s very important! :)

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